All dreams from Febuary 2019 by Brian La

All dreams from Febuary 2019 by Brian Ladd
Ebola mailed from Congo to psych ward 46 18 611 00 00 – call 46 171 15 33 90 red room
Kelsey Berreth found, 2087 2 mailed phone, wrong person, Krystal Lee arrested Jan 30th, 2019. (208) 734-3993, unborn child, body is near pipes, look again, Keely Martin Bosler name change, Breanne police were there 3 times and missed it, dream is cold, water… exactly the same details and names from November 2018 dd’s, see
Missing child Relisha Rudd is here, Jay street in Deenwood, metal fence.
Tobelo, moro basin quake, he was there, tsunami did not happen, killed fish, ocean bottom is filled with god
Missing child Anthony Diaz, garage McDonald’s. car parked outside, found here from Danville, has not happened yet?
Missing girl went to the store? newham, church road, Maria h UK, did not steal car, phone call, arrest Jan 8th 2019, found
A major earthquake in the ocean by Vancouver Island, the tsunami will affect the west coast of North America (can’t read the day of the month but it’s going to happen soon, in January 2019
Earthquake swarms in Oklahoma….soon, then a 5 plus quake near Lawton.
Church shooter, why he’s going to do it and other details on
USA winning lottery numbers for January 2019, just follow the lines.
This is the man responsible for next weeks plane crash (January 6th to the 13th 2019) flight number and other details on dream drawing
Major earthquake 8 – 9 days, grid location of 7.? quake
4 days take 5 lottery store
Fire on January 13th, 2019
Kirk Douglas 26 4 room 7
Tom Steyer accident was ‘Russian Ops’ numbers
Jan or Feb 2019 Monday lottery numbers
Winning Mega-millions lottery numbers for March 22nd, 2019
Upcoming building fire
Missing baby King Jay Davila located in west lawn, he’s sleeping on the floor, blue recycle bin
Love and catholic church Edith Blais found, was separated from Luca Tacchetto, bama 11376
Another UFO dream, these letters are not from any language on earth.
Baby King Jay Davila, under here west lawn, 4713 (missing child)
UK crash
Upcoming magnitude 8 earthquake off this island, tsunami details on ss, ocean fault, numbers (very soon, within the next 10 days I think)
This is the man responsible for 42 murders of Native American woman in Montana, he is a Catholic priest and his wife works as a nurse, they live in a red brick house in Helena Montana.
Upcoming unexpected solar event
Trump tweets Jim Johnson, confirms, crisis, border, 9
The wave came from nowhere
STOP THINKING, yes YOU reading this right now if you’ve forgotten where the OFF SWITCH is, ask your cat
Missing woman Jenna Scott is not with Michael Swearingin, Jonathan Scott is going to bring her home? cards, cards, Jonathan Scott arrest is based on setup, Jenna found follow real leads not the setup, no phone, not buying drugs, carjacking?
This is him and he has a fake gun, look in the car again, hair is under the seat, scott, goto black shear, this is about the Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin case.
Upcoming lottery pattern, I do not know what lottery this time.
This woman will be found, she goes missing in February of 2019
Missing woman Savannah Spurlock ? video is not correct, located, accident
Kelsey Berreth found, 208734, Alive, happy happy, warm love ?
Jayme Closs found, look under the house, bullet trajectory wrong, she shot them? dallas
Not sure
Missing Tanys Hughes, money is missing, train tracks, near lake Manitoba
President Nancy Pelosi hides cancer diagnosis, dies 3/11/2020 4th floor, phone number
Beach of light Madeleine McCann found, belt buckle in sand
Another UFO dream
Dick Cheney hospitalized, dies 4/3/20
UK Train crash 4712

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