12-19-2018 this event happens this Wedne

12-19-2018 this event happens this Wednesday, December 19th.
Suicide Joshua Rush, numbers.
Here, 12 days.
My daughter Allison drew this, she is 11.
MUFON arrests, this time its for real, be afraid, red, orange and red, blue, bright white light (these are the same UFO sketches dreams I have had for years…exactly)
Red, numbers, always 9.
Donald Trump room 307 hospital, it’s poison (nothing new in this dd)
In the sky.
Laura Cool found safe, rx not filled but that’s not why she did it, numbers.
Wearing a life jacket for three hours a day can cure autism and depression issues (water life jacket)
Karlie Guse missing teen, something is not right? love?? they know where she was taken, runaway?? stories don’t match, bishop 47 – something wrong here, not sure yet will open case @ https://briansprediction.com/karlie
Papers released by Russian Ministry FOL office link Governor Scott Walker, numbers (this is before his sudden illness and death)
Winning lottery numbers for the rest of December for the Mega Millions or the US Powerball lottery, follow the lines this time.
Floor baby found safe? trivolly goofy bentley dutz church, water, 309 2 states away, wanted for drugs, more numbers.
Upcoming house fire.
Kelsey Berreth, she told her mom about him, the church has nothing to do with it, the phone was mailed in a brown box wrapped in plastic, the phone was returned to USPS center, battery failed.
Jaymee Closs found, go back look in the crawlspace, the phone she used to talk to him is there, cars unrelated, motorcycle, police missed the box?
Alyssa Motsinger beta blocker.
Jazmine and Lily English found, details on dd (seems to be found safe soon)
Fall River Mills California, Breaking News.
Same numbers as dd from December of 2017, exactly! if they are lottery numbers, not sure about the 88 and double 28’s, Jesus Love, Jesus is real 33 3 88 52 28 28
Alyssa Motsinger missing woman case, concrete broken block, behind the church, 47 Lakewood case @ https://briansprediction.com/alyssa
Upcoming NYC shooting.
Lakewood Alyssa Motsinger, cold, he will hurt her, behind church – lake case @ https://briansprediction.com/alyssa
Mount Elbert, they are already here, this is why we can’t see them. I don’t think we are actively being visited by aliens but these UFO dreams are scary as hell and I pray we are not. Some sort of device that some humans know about is making t
Crystola Road water, Nany Grace (no idea on this one)
Freak wave, here.
73438, she is safe right now, he knew about the pregnancy, the fight was serious, he said she ‘was dead’ it did not happen, ? fingernails frazec, Berreth, 2087343993.
New paint n senhora conceicao.
Euromillions, 3 times December to February 2019.
202 884 7615 HR this is the man whos killing the sea lions, the man who supposes to protect is killing.
Reporter killed, details on dd, the numbers are the killers license plate.
Falls off here.
Jayme Closs, body found 6 miles from home, January 12th, 2019, lazy eye, returns to home (this is for January 2019 and does not mean she has already been murdered)
Kelsey Berreth found, always wear black, he has this, 208734, Kimberly – This is about a missing Colorado mother, happy landing restaurant, shes having a baby buy, – I opened a case for her in November and will add this dream drawing.
In the sky, another UFO dream.
Happy face.
Wrong way xeno John Schuessler murdered by DARPA.
Monday, December 7th, 2018 bus crash, breaking news, numbers.
Terry Branstad white room.
Amari Cooper dies in the accident.
Another scary UFO dream, these ships actually hide themselves by matching the vibrations of the earth, they can still be seen though. These ships are not here for a cruise…they are here to take us away. (949) 477-0000, pressure wave makes them hard.
Emerson, 1644 zip 46808.
Trump target.
Killed 6 girls, dies in prison 7/11/19
https://briansprediction.com/jayme – Jaymee Closs, these 6 dd’s come from dreams and map dosing and provide exact search locations, I realize these areas may have already been searched, but they need to be looked at again…

Captain Shane Nelson and Sheriff Larry Blanton arrested on 13 felony counts, both die while awaiting trial.
Not here to help, this is a UFO and I hope this dream never comes true.
Jaymee Closs found, look again, drove right by the trailer, Dallas (I realize dd says Dallas, I do not think this trailer is in Texas)
This is how they contact earth, not from this world, very scary dream.
McNeish Apri 17 1912477157 1912 247 look inside.
Throws self on the railroad track, numbers, antidepressant.
New Mexico gold location, Another gold location DD, make sure you bring a metal detector.
This DD is related to another one in 2015, Similac baby food terrorist attack, P? Vitamin D overdose, NYC hotel.
Wisconsin gold location, And another gold location DD, make sure you bring a metal detector.
75324 75 278 3 days phil 8.
My Lord.
Missing woman Alyssa Motsinger found, this is what he looked like, he still selling and right now does not have a reason to kill her, he has a record of domestic abuse and drug possession but not selling. Molle and Meth, Grove City near Columbus Ohio.
Fire, December 16th, 2018 2:21 AM.
Senator Lindsey Graham emails leaked to wiki leaks, blackmail failed, heart attack was natural.
Texas Gold Location
Maryland Gold Location
South Carolina Gold Location
Virginia Gold Location
Police are wrong and not paying attention to an item that is crucial in stopping this man from taking another girl. Student Mollie Tibbetts has the same thing in common and that’s why he wants her, truck, cold (the same serial killer who took and mur
He is going to take? keep him here.
Sonia lagarde breaking news interview.
Dream predictions December 1st to the 15th 2018 by Psychic Brian Ladd part 1

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