Rankin Lake Park improvements three miles from the church. By drain nm missing boy Maddox Ritch police already know what happened not what family think. Maddox Ritch followed a dog to found September 63712889. An upcoming explosion. Pearson Street Brooklyn home BOAT SALES 4761N FIRE 2 Best Buy. Isabella Hellmann was not murdered cartel took her GPS marked gold bars location they were tracking both of them she is in Santa Lucia Cuba the numbers are GPS cords. of the gold bars that were discovered on the seafloor they have not been recovered Arjen Kamphuis safe house address posted on jihad watch website he dies 12 days later censored. George Conway accident was intentional censored. Mark Travis and 6 others arrested in fraud scandal fake phone numbers and testimonials Mr. Travis dies in jail heart attack numbers censored. Arieanna Day missing baby located here not what they think. train here numbers all dd’s censored He took her October 2018 trap door house and license plate number. This event will not happen until next month. Joan Leblanc found 47312 781 933 9544 4 food. Bridge collapse 4711 RS . Tuesday September 18th 2018 sadness so many died. Creatures are real. Rudy Giuliani hospitalized I blurred this dd on purpose. 5 Days. Tom DeLonge killed in ‘unknown’ accident call 575 434 7003 now or he will die? no sun spots and not leak voltage is wrong. Circles in the sky. September 19th 2018 faile here important US Senator Rand Paul is executed while in pretrial confinement. He is arrested in Russia and is murdered there. This event happens before the New York Time exposes him as a Russian agent. Student Burns 3 structures in 3 weeks +44 1382 438452 07468585453. Ukraine falls to Russia 12 10 2018. Audrey Moran was given a secret phone by the Sinaloa Cartel Jonathan did not bring all the money. Walked 3 miles to a white SUV driven to Terra Blanca Mexico

Audrey Moran staying in a shelter block house in Terra Bkanca Mexico on Carios Ave 476.
Death is warm record the vibrations. On Tuesday the19th of September 2018 I will have my heart stopped for approximately one hour to have my aortic valve replaced with onyx mechanical valve WHEN I wake I will try my best to document my experience and as
Russia tests ‘cauious?’ operation in Merrimack Valley using the utilities against the Americas local government has false and covers up the event as an accident. 800 244 4077 upcoming gas and biological attacks in the USA by Russian agent
Michael Chambers did not kill himself he had to go or he would die Micael did leave a note his family just hadn’t found it. Whitehouse town trailer #217 2 dd’s
Anna Maciejewska missing woman was taken by this security officer go to chester springs
Ashley Johnson Barr found rocks broken glass numbers Ashley Johnson Barr Kotzebu church lies ask about fight broken glass.
NECO fire arrests made October 21st 2018 insurance.
Ashley Johnson Barr found rocks broken glass numbers Ashley Johnson Barr Kotzebu church lies ask about fight broken glass.
School shooting near church 7736511500 A Rish Williams see March 2018 dreams for more
310 709–9497 051 444 5691.
Russia hackers with the help of a Trump associate attack Verizon wireless 911 systems in preparation for the upcoming biological attack in Las Angeles California next month 8772755273 see January 2018 for more.
Crash on September 2018 2018 flags mean something here just not sure why.
Anna Maciejewska this man put a bog over Ann’a head while she was sleeping he then wrapped the body in this cloth and plastic put it in the front seat of her car and drove her here he buried the body with a shovel he purchased.
Elisa Lam was not murdered by Richard Ramirez she was given LSD by janitors friend the same man who now works at Meat Zilla today.
Jenna Van Gelderen found at a Las Vega Hotel DR 447 she called home twice no shame.
Queen beach fire collier avr grill kc rl.
As the pressure drops in hurricane Florence see dd in millb the storm turns to make landfall Jacksonville Florida this is a real storm and according to the latest track there is a zero chance of this happening
An explosion on Thursday September 13th 2018.
Elon R Musk death ruled a suicide details of what happened when and why are on the dream drawing.
Another dream about Elon R. Musks accident suicide says real ‘Ready Player One’ before his death Mr. Musk buried a box in the box is some sort of key to a hidden fortune of 1/2 billion dollars. I had an exact location from the DD but.
I see it do you?
These are the 3 people that really authored the NYT op ed Daniel Coats Jim Mattis and Mike Pompeo despite the confession.
This is a dog.
Jason and Sarah Hoggle missing children found working on a chicken farm in West Virginia accident kills Jason November 11th 2018 Applegate numbers predue f.
This person is responsible for the Sunday September 9th 2018 school fire number and other stuff on dd.
Timer 410 534 8015 insurance company fraud fire paint church member criminal record
Arson downhill UK not an accident he was in the fight was coming back horse dies god is real brain worked here +44 191 534 2518.
These are winning Mega Million lottery numbers for December 11th 2018 draw notice the number of 5’s and how often they appear in September October and November 18 drawings. 5 25 15 50 9 bonus 3.
I’m not sure who this woman is.
Missing woman Adrienne Rachel Stone was taken here by this man 5 miles Levittown Lake blue sign found football numbers.
Alex Jones murder was directly related to permanent twitter ban see November 2017 dreams
British Airline’s hack is related to flight number 276 crash BA 276.
In his room Leon Reynolds dies at 12: 15 water hidden locker worth over $25 million here did not have time to tell her 310 859 0625.
Breaking News a protester killed evacuation September 6th 2018 Donald Trump event seats moved door locked fake phone call Billings.
James Mattis and John Kelly resign but it’s too late their upcoming murder is irreversible see last weeks dd’s
Plane crash on Friday September 7th 2018 circles and numbers the pilot was aware of the places ground speed.
Russia blames USA for Soyuz accident that kills ISS crew members proof Trump administration did this is here Upcoming International Space Station accident
143 I love you.
Gods fist hits the ground clouds from hell
North Korea missile launch was ‘accidental’ the nuclear explosion under Seoul was not.
Missing child Jordan Belliveau is at 47 drew street Clearwater Florida trash outside. red truck.
Gravity wave breakthrough all it took was an open mind and a bottle of spring water.
Not to fear death is not real DMT Tunnel it’s that simple I don’t need drugs to enter this state but I do need the tunnel to access the universal consciousness as that is where most of my dreams come from.
Pope Francis dies in his sleep murder vet drug numbers.
Alberto Bailleres arrested for murder Alberto was set up by his ex employee and friend Alberto Bailleres did not do this but unfortunately dies in jail. numbers and other stuff.
Charity St. Croix found Lakeville Canada old farmhouse.
Motorcycle September 3rd 2018 shooting in San Bernardino California ? call 909 886 1560
Tuesday September 4th 2018 Donald Trump announcement is the start of the end of the human race on the planet earth. or not
Jordan Belliveau missing child found near clear water the man went to Normandy park oaks numbers.

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