https://youtu.b The people of earth – 98 days before Donald Trump says this, he is killed.
dont want to say any more as I live in the USA, but there is a reason why 911 is in the phone number.
Jesse’s murdered by FBI, no accident, ormond, fbi kills jesse by mistake, flash bang, Destrehan, 0972871284.
End of the earth starts with a number 445195000.
(402) 494-1441.
Donald Trump to shock the world on May 30th, 2018, a major announcement, China, North Korea.
This is the terrorist (June 2018)
Collusion cource fox news breaking?
CNN Fox News and CBS interview top us leaders that misled the world the US asked North Korea for talks first the meeting was canceled (this is why the meeting with Donald Trump and North Korea was canceled but it’s not the reason for the attack on Se
Iron Dome misses mortars may 29th 2018 7:45 pm, near school? chicken house Dror Shaul killed in July 7th attack.
More on the upcoming Disneyworld terrorist attack to take place on June 9th 2018 at 1:17 PM local time, the material in the bombs has been dipped in some sort of bacteria, this is an ISIS attack and I’m pretty sure some of the bombs will be found in
Russia executes Andrey Borodin, Christopher Steele, Arkady Babchenko, Natalia Veselnitskaya and Michael Cohen, traders before the tape was released to WikiLeaks, before the death of Donald Trump.
Love Michael Caruso drained news brakes N93LL, baseball bat, (410) 568-1500, murdered 2 people wheelchair.
Scientology building burned Jenna Miscavige Hill, Jason Beghe.
Not sure but this is not a good thing as no dreams from last night were any fun.
Roman Abramovich and a family member died in plane crash, not Russia but USA CIA planted a bomb in the cargo area.
Israel attacked by rockets 2 days, on Beery and kisufim on 5/30/18 vx gas on 6/29/18.

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